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Support the advancement of under-represented identity groups into the ranks of leadership in the association management profession. 


DELP Values

Creating a safe space and community for under-represented groups in the association community.

Connecting scholars with leaders to provide new opportunities and grow their professional networks.

Building support systems for scholars and alumni to achieve success. 

Giving back and engage with ASAE at the highest level.


Goals of the Program

To provide support, education, access and service opportunities to individuals from identity groups (i.e. people of color, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender, people with disabilities) who are under-represented in the association community.


To provide scholars with a mentor, individual coaching, education, and other experiences to enhance their career development and expand their professional networks.


To encourage more diverse candidates to assume leadership roles in association management.


To develop a more diverse leadership pool for the association profession.


To demonstrate the long-term benefit of the program to the scholars, ASAE and to the association profession.