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Benefits of Being a DELP Scholar

During their two-year term, DELP Scholars receive:

  • Membership in ASAE
  • Registration, travel and lodging to ASAE annual meetings during the scholarship term.
  • Registration, travel and lodging to any two (2) other ASAE education programs as selected by the DELP scholar (i.e. Great Ideas Conference, Future Leaders Conference, Finance & Business Operations Symposium, etc.) (1 each year)
  • Registration, travel and lodging to one (1) Volunteer Leadership Retreat (2nd year)
  • Travel and lodging to an orientation at ASAE in Washington, DC and a DELP reunion in Detroit, MI (1st year)
  • Waiver of CAE examination fee (provided the exam is taken within 3 years of DELP participation) and study guide materials
  • Connection to an industry leader to serve as a mentor
  • Group coaching to enhance the connection of the DELP cohort
  • Service experience with an ASAE volunteer group or other association- related volunteer opportunity (2nd year)
  • Opportunity to meet with ASAE senior staff and volunteer leadership