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2024 - 2026 DELP Application Statistics & Feedback

The ASAE Diversity Executive Leadership Program (DELP) is a highly competitive scholar program. The 2024-2026 DELP Scholar applications had these overall statistics:

  • Over 260 applications (started and/or submitted).
  • 72% of applications identified as Female, 24% Male, and 3% Non-binary.
  • 73% of applications identified as Heterosexual; 13% Gay; 5% Bisexual; 8% Other, and 1% Lesbian
  • 50% of applicants identified as African American/Black; 20% White/Caucasian, 15% Hispanic/Latino, 8% as Asian; and 8% as other.
  • 51% of applicants were from associations in the DMV area, 17% from the Midwest, 15% from the Northwest, and 13% are from the Southern USA.
  • 45% of applicants hold positions as Directors, 25% C-Suite positions, but not Executive Directors, 15% Managers, and 7% Executive Directors/CEOs.
  • 19% of applicants possess their CAE.
  • 11% of applicants indicated that they have a disability.


Below is general feedback from the judges based on the applications.  Please consider the points below when preparing your application.

  • Understand that the application process to become a DELP Scholar is highly competitive.  If you are not selected this year, don’t be afraid to apply again! 
  • Have your application reviewed by a DELP Scholar/Alum or an association executive prior to submitting it.
  • Tell your story.  Share how you plan to make an impact on the association community. We recognize that some people from underrepresented communities may be uncomfortable sharing personal testimonies but make your application as personable as possible, so the judges understand your past experiences and future goals including service to the association management profession.
  • Provide measurable outcomes when sharing your story.
  • Share the impact your actions made on individuals, groups, in your organization and/or association. 
  • Connect with the people providing your letters of recommendation to ensure that they understand your reasons for applying for DELP.  Please encourage them to write letters of recommendation that speak to the items you would like to highlight in your application.
  • Use the essay word count to maximize your explanations and provide detailed examples of how you’ve exhibited the questions asked in the essay. 
  • Be specific when answering the essay questions. When finished, re-read your essay to make sure you’ve provided examples and answered the question(s) asked in the essay.

Thank you for your interest in the DELP program.  Visit www.asaecenter.org/delp for information on the program’s eligibility requirements, current DELP Scholars and Alumni, and the application process.