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DELP Scholar Commitment 

  • Attendance at the DELP orientation to be held at ASAE, July 10-12, 2020, and the DELP reunion that follows on July 12-14, 2020 in Detroit.
  • Attendance at two (2) ASAE Annual Meetings during the scholarship term: August 8-11, 2020 in Las Vegas, NV and August 14-17, 2021 in Dallas, TX.
  • Attendance at an ASAE Volunteer Leadership Retreat. (November 2021, Location TBA. 
  • Active engagement with a mentor, including assisting in identifying a potential mentor within the association field
  • Active engagement in individual coaching  
  • Active engagement as a volunteer through an ASAE volunteer group or other association-related opportunity
  • Complete the Certified Association Executive (CAE) credentialing exam within three (3) years of the first year of the DELP scholarship (July 2020-June 2023)
  • Timely submission of program-related materials